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Mission statement

Хореографическая школа «Лаборатории Лавровских» и творческое объединение «LavrovskyLab artcompany» в лице своих мастеров, педагогов и лично художественного руководителя Михаила Лавровского, стремятся воспитывать новые поколения талантливых артистов и хореографов классического, неоклассического и современного балета.Выбор /The Choice/ Фильм HD — YouTube

Our main goal is to train promising young dancers for the stage, who will be able to participate in productions of the LavrovskyLab artcompany starting from the final grades, which will give students the opportunity to show their talents and continue their career in the world's leading ballet companies.

The Lavrovsky Laboratories Choreographic school together with LavrovskyLab art company serve as a key to the transition from a student to a professional performer.

Every season, LavrovskyLab trusts aspiring and established choreographers to create new works with Mikhail Lavrovsky's students, serving as a platform for new choreography.

The Lavrovsky Laboratories Choreographic School and the LavrovskyLab artcompany attract the widest possible audience, performing classical, neoclassical and modern repertoire at various venues around the world.

M. L. Lavrovsky

Artistic Director

Lavrovsky Laboratories is a creative association created almost 100 years ago by the outstanding Soviet choreographer Leonid Lavrovsky. Despite such a venerable age, with each new generation, our "Laboratories" continue to develop, the number of companions grows, students become masters and reach new heights. And it is precisely in this constant development, based on academism and cultural traditions, that the philosophy of our "Laboratories"lies. Thanks to the dynasty's successor, former Bolshoi Ballet premier, choreographer and choreographer Mikhail Leonidovich Lavrovsky, the name "Lavrovsky" has become synonymous with classical ballet at its best and a guarantee of "quality" for the entire ballet world.